Welcome to my website!

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by! This website is the result of a grand experiment I've been formulating over the past few years. I plan to post lots of information here of which I hope you enjoy. Use the menu along the left hand side of each page to navigate, and please don't hesitate to send me any feedback via the Contact Me page.

Happy New Year 2017!


  • New updates posted January 1, 2017:
    • Added new info to the About Me page.
    • Changed, renamed, and redesigned a few pages that were starting to show their age, and added new/more current info:
    • Updated links on the Music page.
    • Reworded a few things on the OregonRocketry page.
    • Updated the PSAS page with current info.
    • Updated links on the Tripoli Gerlach page.
    • Stay tuned for my 2017 Launch Schedule - currently in the works.
    • 2016 Launch Reports are underway - please stay tuned.
    • Build Projects updates are also underway - please stay tuned.
    • Reorganized the Choir page.
    • Updated the Revels page with info from our 2016 show.
    • Updated the PSU Man Choir page, and added links to new music.
    • Reworded a few things on the Oregon Symphony page.
    • Added melodeon info to the new Instruments page.
    • Added Contra dance info to the new Dance page.